Slots Outline

Slot is one of the youngest casino games of the world that was first played at the starting of the 20th century. Now this game has large popularity among many people because of its easy rule to play and the game has a great number of versions. After the evolution of online casinos this game becomes the first choice, for most of the online casino gamblers it was rather interesting to play online slots. The original rule to play the game is pull the handle of the slot machine or push the button of the slot machine to start spinning of the reels. There are many varieties of slots machines and online casinos support to play free slots machines to learn the way of the game. These free slots machines also have some purposes and the main purpose is attracting newer players to play the game and the outcome will be more real money players for the online casino slots. When that you like free slots, you would certainly unquestionably prefer almost all variants.

There are a lot of variants of the game and we divided these variants with three easy to understand categories. The first one is the straight slots machines, the second one is progressive slots machines and the last one is 3 or 5 reels slots machines. Brief descriptions of these 3 main versions are given below:

Straight Slots Machines

For this slots one machine has its own pay symbol and it the symbol occur then the payment has given to the player to deserve that. Straight slots machines have mainly 4 types and they are given below:

Multiplier Slots

Payouts of this slot depends on the coin's number that means if you play 1 coin game then the payout for 1 coin will be different than the 2 or more coins game.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

It has the same rules like the multiplier slots and the only distinction is that if you play maximum coins then your payouts will be larger than others.

Multi-Payline Slots

This is a slot machine where more than one pay lines are used to pay to the players of the machine.

Buy-A-Pay Slot

These slots machines have many winning combinations and you will get payouts if you bought earlier that combination.

Progressive Slot Machines

This is a type of slots where more than one slot machine is linked with each other, and you have to play maximum coins to win the jackpot of the game. The joint of these machines can be from a single casino or 2 or more casinos slots machines can be joined each other. The jackpot of progressive slots is a huge amount and it will change your way of life.

3 or 5 Reels Slots Machines

The original slot machine had 3 reels but now situation changed and you can easily find many slot machines where 5 reels are used to spin. The number of reels is increasing everyday and now 20 reels slot machine can also be found. In many online casinos you can play free online slots machines of the above.