Themed Video Slots Ancient Times

One thing is for certain; casinos have been around for a very long time now the only thing that keeps changing is the themes used in various plays. There are ancient themes and modern themes and all these lead to a common end result; having fun while making money. The Themed Video Slots Ancient Times though are known to be very enjoyable hence very popular even in current times. They are known to be classical therefore people easily understand the rules and play for the fun of it. There are various ancient themes that people are able to use in the casinos. All these have rules that ensure that the game are fair hence fun for all.

The Box Car Bonanza is one of the ancient themes in the casinos used by players. It uses great Wild West theme and the game is fun to play. These are not the only things involved since this video has five different winning combos. Symbols are used and they appear on the slots that include a train, horse shoe, crossroads, a seven and a brief case. It is important to know that this specific video slot only provides a maximum bet of five (5) coins. The jackpot on the other hand pays a maximum of 1000 coins and the biggest payout that one is able to get is eight hundred coins.

The Box Kings Treasure one more ancient themed video slot machine and is based on Egypt’s ancient history. This video slot is directly linked to Tutankhamen’s history and is very famous among several players. It is a fabulous game with 5 reels, 20 pay lines and 21 winning combinations people are able to use. The symbols involved are different and include a snake, a boy king, a bracelet, a king and a bird. The date of release was on June 2008 and several people are enjoying it a lot. The players enjoy a lot of offers therefore making it even more popular. The winnings made in the game are just colossal but the bets range in the game is between 0.1 to 5.

The Egyptian theme is another ancient video slot that is very popular in many casinos. This is also based on Egypt’s history. It gives you great options such as those of playing with the various kings of Egypt or even the pharaohs when the jackpot becomes revealing the many treasures of Egypt. These are made easy therefore it is not necessary that you know a lot about the history of Egypt therefore anybody is able to get one.

One thing that these ancient video themes have been able to do is give people the chance to travel back through the historical time hence learn while having fun. Another thing that makes the offer even more exciting is that there are various prices to be won and people can easily get their hand on the prizes since the games are easy.