The Rules of Fruit Machines in Modern Casinos

Fruit machines are not as different from slot machines as they seem because they basically do more or less the same job. Nevertheless, the fact that these two casino machines do not bear the same name means that there is something different between them and this also applies to the rules applicable in playing them in casinos. Most pubs/ casinos are not allowed to have slot machines and as such, they label their machines as fruit machines and you can thus enjoying playing your favorite game. You will also come across some original machines having fruit symbols such as bananas, lemons and oranges and this is the origin of the name fruit machines.

Basically, a typical fruit machine features 3 rotating barrels with each of them having various symbols that are contained in a glass covered viewing area. Once the player has put the credits or money in the fruit machine, the next step is pushing the start button and barrels will individually start rotating round. You should be looking for certain fruit symbol combinations that appear in the viewing window. The payouts offered are two of a card and you can also hit the jackpot but this will majorly depend on the exact type of symbols appearing. If you happen to get 3 symbols that are similar, you can then hit the low or high button. However, this pertains to card playing. If you make the right guess, then you will have winnings to collect but if you make a wrong choice, then you lose your bet.

To enhance the chances of a player winning, fruit machines in modern casinos have a useful features board that also makes the game even more exciting. You will be able to trigger these boards after getting three specific symbols that are similar. They also feature some very good bonuses such as being able to make an extra win as well as doubling the money you get on a win. Something else that you should know about is the nudge and Hold ‘em buttons. After spinning the fruit machine, a player can get a lucrative chance of using both the hold and nudge machine buttons. Individual reels in the fruit machine are held by the hold buttons.

You might want to use the hold buttons in the fruit machine especially where you get two similar fruit symbols and you can then start searching for the third fruit symbol and win the game after it drops. In case you are very close to making a win, nudge button is going to turn the symbols just around one slot. This is very helpful especially if you are not lucky to get three similar symbols. All in all, the rules of playing fruit machines are very simple and these games are very exciting to play. Most people spend a significant amount of money and time playing fruit machines. Also fruit machines also have relatively good payouts and are definitely worthy the time of an enthusiastic gambler.