How to Play

Rules of the Slots

To learn how to beat slot machines you must know about the basic rules of the game. There is no difficulty to learn the rules of the game. It is quite easy and everyone can learn and know it within a few minutes. You just have to know how to start and how to spin the reels and that is all. Every slot machine has it own handle or button where to start the game you have to pull the handle or push the button and the reels will start spinning.

For online casino slots the rules are same, online slots have a button name handle and you have to put your mouse key on the button and click on it and the game will be started. The machine has a program to when the reels will stop and the program is randomized. So never think that the casinos build the program to get the money from the players but it is sure the program is built to save the casinos from ruining. So you must know how to beat slot machines before start playing otherwise you will lose your money with no time. Play slots offers a range of hazard games, additional bonuses and extreme thrills.

Slots Playing Rules

Playing rules of this game is the easiest among other casino based games and as a player you don't need to worry about that. You just have to put the coins in the machine and then pull the trigger or handle to spin the reels. Some slot machines have push button so you have to push that button to start the game.

Every machine can have 1 to 20 pay lines and you have to make sure to have the selected symbols on the pay line or lines to win the game. Though, the machine has a randomize program so it will be the luck where you have to depend to win the game.

The value of slot coins can be different and it starts with the value 5 cents and the higher value can be anything. Some coins start with the value of $100 but that is rare and the familiar slot coins value are in the range $1 to $5.

Though, slots have no exact rules and many types of strategy so it can be the best game for newer players. Here you just have to play against the machine that has a random program and any symbol can occur in every time the reels stopped.

Progressive Slots

This is a type of slot where more than 5 slot machines of same casino or different casinos are joined and for this slots you have to play maximum coins to play the game and a huge jackpot offer has given for every progressive slot. The payouts may be different at every casino. If the preset symbols occur in any of those machine then the player wins and will get the massive jackpot.