Slots game is one types of game which is very familiar to the people. Most of the games do not luck as slot. Slot is chancing game. Although slot is an unexpected game, the game is very to the casino player for its bonus system. Like all kinds of game slot has a shot history. It is true that slot is mainly played at one kinds of machine. Everybody should know the history of any kinds of game. Slot game is so simple, also funny and amusing game. Original slot history is available found. It is to be mentioned that since many times ago cheating was a part of slots history. A brief history of slot is given below:


Charles Fey was simple man who worked in an Electrical engineering workshop. He was born in a simple family in San Francisco about in the middle of 19th century. In 1887 the first slot machine was invented by Charles fey. Fey's invention was the first version of slot machine. Then few famous companies offered him for working their company. He rented his first slot machine in a local casino; from that casino he would get fifty percentages profit of casino. Then the company of Liberty Bell changed the first slots machine slightly. The first has three reels. A player cans three reels in this machine. The first machine was heavy. It was made of completely pure iron.


Day after day the first slot machine was modifying for its popularity. After few days, the company of Liberty Bell and Reno introduced new slot machine following Fey's machine. The slot machine would accept the highest five chips and a player would get two coins payment. After one year slot was changed the minor sector. The basics foundation of first slot machine was unchanged. Then its popularity is increasing from day by day than previous version. First slots machines graphics, music combination, themes were so simple. But present slot machine's graphics, themes sound quality and reels system were so high. Bonus system is added later. For adding bonus slot gas become popular, at present 3000 kinds of machine are created. We can use modern slot machine.

Every casino uses the latest casino machine for their developing casino. They also offer more bonuses for a casino player. For this reason slot game is most the most popular and amusing game in any casino in this world. Everyone is very keen to play slots among all the casino game. Slot game and the strategy of machine is so easy and any person can learn it easily.