Gambling in Asia vs Gambling in the USA

It might come as a surprise to many to know that the largest capital for gambling in the world is Macau in China- Asia and certainly not Las Vegas in America as many people might tend to think. In fact, the rate of growth of gambling in Asia is much faster than in USA. While Asian governments enjoy gambling revenues much more than the government of USA, they have made tremendous efforts to limit the social problems of gambling to tourists and the local community especially in the seemingly remote regions of the country. Even before gambling was legalized by the government, Asia had a large gaming market already even though most of it was practiced illegally.

One of the forces that have driven the gambling industry in Asia to unbelievable heights is the rise of Asia from extreme poverty to creation of wealthy consumers with a lot of cash to spend for their entertainment needs. The two gambling giants in Asia are Hong Kong and Macau where the governments have capitalized on it to create immense wealth for the locals. Countries in Asia such as Singapore still regard gambling as one of they ways of boosting tourism but considerably limit people from participating to only those who can afford $60 at the entrance. In its effort to compete aggressively with Macau, South Korea also has expanded its gambling market considerably. This has enabled it to attract wealthy customers from Japan to its heavenly casinos in Jeju Island and Seoul.

Unlike in Asia where gambling is highly liberalized, the strict restricting gambling in USA have made gambling activities less competitive with other markets in the world especially Asia. In fact, you might have even realized by now that most online casinos rarely accept USA citizens to play at their sites. However, things seems to be changing for the good as participation and availability of gambling activities is increasing in USA compared to past years and things are expected to turn for the best in the foreseeable future. Commercial casinos in USA, just like in Asia are among the largest employers creating thousands of jobs for the locals.

Unfortunately, the problems of gambling and its impact on the society are not in anyway different in USA and Asia. In continents, gambling activities have led to high crime rates, compulsive gambling and an increase in political corruption. While there are many types of gambling, not all of them are legalized in USA. Gambling in the two jurisdictions is legal even though there are some strict restrictions that regulate online gambling as well as interstate gambling. As online gambling starts to outshine gambling in brick and mortar casinos, both USA and Asia have realized the importance of regulating this kind of gambling as a way of protecting the casinos and their players. Commercial casinos in both USA and Asia have also increased considerably as top entrepreneurs are soon realizing that this is one of the most profitable business sectors to invest in.