The Slot Machine Customers Want Games of Skill

Human beings like to be challenged both mentally and physically. Flesh and bone does not like to stay stagnant, and we need a good challenge to drive us forward in life.

The design and dexterity of casino games and in particular the slot machine has come a long way since Charles Fey designed the Liberty Bell in 1896. In modern times technological advancement means we can now choose from a variety of thousands of slot machine titles all from the comfort of our own home with operators like Unibet. When the masses think slot machines in these times, it’s the Internet that they turn to for salvation.

The slot machine creators are facing the biggest challenge since the Liberty Bell, as the customer becomes ever greedy when it comes their needs and wants. It’s no longer good enough to just mindlessly spin the wheels and cross those fingers in the hope that they will strike the jackpot.

The new breed of slot machine player yearns for control. They are the gaming station brigade; the kids who were raised on a diet of Call of Duty, FIFA Football, Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario. Sure they want to gamble, but they want to gamble on their terms.

The new breed of slot machine kings want games of skill. One of the greatest illusions that the good old UK fruit machines used to give you was the skill stop feature was an actual act of skill. For the most part it was. In the early stages of that bad boy, if you pressed the button too early you would lose. And yet when the skill stop feature reached the big money stages you went into Santa Claus mode – you knew it was luck, but didn’t really want to believe it.

So new slot machines are going to be designed, and the most skilful amongst you will earn the money. All that’s left is for the house to learn how to create them whilst still retaining their edge. They can let you win a little, but not a lot, after all, the house always wins.